2002 - 2007 (GD) WRX Front Subframe & Rear "Triangle" Brace Set

$ 1,170.00 $ 1,065.00


This Chassis Brace set includes:

2002 - 2007 (GD) WRX Front Subframe


2002 - 2007 (GD) Impreza Rear "Triangle" Brace

and costs $50 less than if they were ordered separately.

 For Off-Highway use only.

*** Due to minor differences between the various years / models, each Subframe is built to order.  Current leadtime is about 12 weeks between order and shipment. ***

If you have any questions or if you would like to select options not shown (such as different colors for each part or adding the Spec-C 12L Tank Spacers) please e-mail me at MICKEY@OSWALDPERFORMANCE.COM

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