1/7/2021 Update

Hello Everyone,

First, I want to sincerely apologize for the long delays with orders and the lack of communication from me during the majority of last year.  2020 has been a tough one for me as I know it has for many people.  Between issues with family, day job, and the various other challenges with the pandemic, I became very overwhelmed to the point that my mental and physical health began to suffer.  Things are starting to settle down somewhat for me now and I have the shop mostly set back up.  I do still have a very limited amount of time available to work on Oswald Performance stuff so any time I do have will almost all be spent in the shop working on outstanding Subframe orders, which are now several months late.  Unfortunately, this means I will not be able to spend time responding to emails.  I’m very sorry but I really need to devote all available time to fabrication until things get caught back up.  Going along with that, I am not taking any new orders until things are back on track.

My first priority is to get all existing orders finished and shipped out.  I am planning to keep the following list updated with the status of each outstanding Subframe order (so please check back here for progress updates):

As of 3/1/2021:

Jonathan – Shipped 1/27/21

Kaleb – Shipped 2/16/21

Samuel – Shipped 2/16/21

Lawrence – Shipped 2/16/21

Andrew – Welding Complete (At Powdercoat - ETA 3/12/21)

Once all of the existing Subframe orders are completed I am planning to start the process of getting a new batch of Bumper Beams ordered (which will most likely include a Group Buy).  I don’t want to guess at a date yet but I will post more details as I get them.

I’m sorry again for the poor service over the past year and I am working hard to get it back up to the level my customers deserve.

Thank you,

Mickey Oswald

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