About Us

Oswald Performance is a small design and fabrication shop specializing in high-performance Subaru chassis components.  We are located in Tucson, Arizona and all of our parts are designed and built in the USA.

Mickey Oswald graduated from RIT in 2004 with a Mechanical Engineering degree and bought his first Subaru, a 2005 WRX STi not long after getting his first engineering job. He started doing Autocrosses and Track Days and upgrading parts of his STi as its deficiencies became apparent.

In 2007, Mickey built the first prototype of the Oswald Performance WRX Front Subframe. It became popular with the local WRX track day guys and, after building 3 more Subframes for others, he decided to advertise it online to see how much interest there was.  Mickey started Oswald Performance in 2008 and slowly added new parts to his product line.

From its start in 2008 until 2014, Oswald Performance was a side project for Mickey. He worked his "real job" during the day and then welded, packed, and shipped parts on evenings and weekends. As popularity increased it became difficult for him to keep up with orders in just his "spare time" and customer service certainly suffered. It became clear that he needed to decide between Oswald Performance and the "real job."

In late 2014 Mickey took the leap and quit his engineering day-job to focus on Oswald Performance full-time. Since then he has been working on tooling upgrades to improve production efficiency and IT upgrades (like this new website) to improve communication and customer service. With existing production running smoothly, Mickey will be able to focus on the design of new parts.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or requests at Mickey@OswaldPerformance.