2002 - 2007 (GD) Impreza Lightweight Rear Bumper Beam

$ 360.00

The Oswald Performance Rear Bumper Beam is a direct replacement for the stock beam on your 2002 - 2007 Impreza.  It weighs 7.4 lbs, compared to the 28 lb stock beam.

While the handling improvement is not quite as dramatic as replacing the front bumper beam, dropping almost 21 lbs from the very rear helps to further reduce the car's polar moment of inertia.  This makes the car easier to rotate, allowing quicker turn-in and transitions.  Of course, the weight reduction will also subtly increase the car's acceleration and maximum cornering grip while decreasing tire and brake wear.

The Oswald Performance Rear Bumper Beam consists of two Steel Mounting Brackets (powdercoated for corrosion protection), the Aluminum Beam, and four high-strength bolts to attach the Beam to the Brackets.

For Off-Highway use only.

Design Features:

  • Weighs 7.4 lbs (Stock beam weighs 28 lbs)
  • Constructed of TIG Welded 5052-H32 Aluminum Sheet (.090" Thick) and Powdercoated 1008 Steel Brackets
  • Directly replaces the stock beam
  • Works with the stock foam energy absorber
  • Factory Tow Hook is still functional

Available with optional Red Powdercoated Rear Tow Hook ($35 extra, shown above)


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