2002 - 2007 (GD) WRX Front Subframe

$ 685.00

*** Due to minor differences between the various years / models, each Subframe is built to order.  Current leadtime is about 12 weeks between order and shipment. ***

The Oswald Performance WRX Subframe is designed to replace the stock U-shaped front subframe in the 2002 - 2007 Subaru WRX and STi. The WRX’s stock subframe adds very little lateral or torsional stiffness to the front of the chassis (anyone who has had it off their car has probably noticed how much they can flex it with just their bare hands). It does, however, add just over 24 lbs. to the front of an already front-heavy car.

The Oswald Performance WRX Subframe is a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock part that dramatically increases front-end chassis stiffness while shedding approximately 14 lbs.  The added chassis stiffness enhances both turn-in and steady-state cornering performance while allowing quicker transitions from left to right (or right to left; think of an autocross slalom).  It also gives the car an overall more solid feel which is very apparent when driving over bumpy roads.

Aside from the standard benefits that come with reducing weight (improved acceleration, braking, cornering, tire and brake wear, etc.), dropping the weight from the heavy front-end also improves the WRX's weight distribution.  This reduces the car’s tendency to understeer and further improves performance during turn-in and transitions.

The Oswald Performance WRX Subframe attaches to all of the points the factory U-brace does with the exception of the very front two.  It was determined that stiffening the radiator support has no performance benefit so running tubes up there basically just adds weight and cost.  In addition to the factory attachment points, the Oswald Performance Subframe also attaches to the stock jacking plate / engine cradle to further tie everything together.

The subframe is built of TIG welded 1020 DOM steel tubing of varying diameter and wall thickness (thick where required for strength, thin where permitted for light weight).  It is powdercoated to provide a tough, great-looking, and long-lasting finish and to protect against corrosion.  The standard color choices are black, red, and gunmetal.  Custom colors are available at an additional cost.

For Off-Highway use only.

Design Features:

  • Weighs approximately 10 lbs. (Stock subframe weighs 24lbs.)
  • Durable Powdercoat finish
  • Clearance for Anti-Lift Kits without the use of spacers
  • Does not decrease ground clearance
  • Clearance for just about any downpipe design
  • Fits with just about any aftermarket header design since there are no tubes running up to the front bumper area
  • Tabs for Fender Liner attachment clips
  • Tabs for STi side Aero Panel attachment clips (2005 - 2007 STi's only)
  • Reinforced front-most tubes designed to be used as tow / tie-down hooks or jack stand supports
  • Provisions for attaching the stock plastic undertray / splashguard are available

 Available with optional Undertray Mount Kit ($80 extra, shown above, required for mounting the factory or aftermarket undertray / splashguard)


* If you are interested in having a Subframe shipped outside of North America, please check out the 3-Piece Subframe to save on shipping costs.

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