2002 - 2007 (GD) WRX 3-Piece Front Subframe (for Overseas Shipping)

$ 735.00

*** If you are interested in getting a shipping quote please e-mail me at MICKEY@OSWALDPERFORMANCE.COM ***

*** Due to minor differences between the various years / models, each Subframe is built to order.  Current leadtime is about 12 weeks between order and shipment. ***

The Oswald Performance WRX 3-Piece Front Subframe is based on the design of our standard WRX Front Subframe, with the addition of some extra bolted joints, allowing it to be broken down into 3 pieces. This is important for anyone considering shipping their Subframe out of North America as it allows the 3-Piece Subframe to fit in a box exactly half the size of the standard 1-Piece Subframe.

Unfortuately, it is very expensive to ship the standard Subframes Internationally because they are too large to ship via USPS.  The cheapest shipping method is Fedex International Economy which is generally in the $400 - 500 range.  The total price would be:

Subframe - $685

Shipping - $450 (average) via FedEx International Economy

1-Piece Shipped Total - $1135

The 3-piece Subframe costs a bit more to build but it can ship via USPS which generally saves around $300 in shipping costs:

3-piece Subframe - $735

Shipping - $150 (average) via USPS Priority International

3-Piece Shipped Total - $885


The 3-piece version weighs about 0.75 lb. more than the 1-piece and the FEA model suggests a negligible decrease in overall stiffness (essentially un-noticable).

For Off-Highway use only.

Design Features:

  • Weighs approximately 10.75 lbs. (Stock subframe weighs 24lbs.)
  • Durable Powdercoat finish (Black, Red, and Gunmetal are standard. Custom colors are available at an additional cost.)
  • Clearance for Anti-Lift Kits without the use of spacers
  • Does not decrease ground clearance
  • Clearance for just about any downpipe design
  • Fits with just about any aftermarket header design since there are no tubes running up to the front bumper area
  • Tabs for Fender Liner attachment clips
  • Tabs for STi side Aero Panel attachment clips (2005 - 2007 STi's only)
  • Reinforced front-most tubes designed to be used as tow / tie-down hooks or jack stand supports
  • Provisions for attaching the stock plastic undertray / splashguard are available

 Available with optional Undertray Mount Kit ($80 extra, shown above, required for mounting the factory or aftermarket undertray / splashguard)


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