GROUP BUY DEPOSIT: 2002 - 2014 Impreza Lightweight Front & Rear Bumper Beam (August 2017)

$ 150.00

11/6/2017 - I'm sorry for the delays and lack of communication lately. I had an unexpected work trip from Thursday - Saturday but the good news is that the rest of the Bumper Beams were here when I got back. I will be packing and shipping them as fast as I can. You will receive a shipping notification with your tracking number as soon as your beam(s) ships. I'm planning to get all of them out this week for sure. I really appreciate your business and how patient you all have been with me.

10/18/2017 - I'm very sorry to say that the Beams are still not here. I just got off the phone with the sheet metal shop. They don't have all of the parts finished but they are going to ship 20 Fronts and 20 Rears out today. I don't have tracking info yet but I expect them to arrive here on Monday or Tuesday. Once they arrive I will start shipping them out in the order in which the deposits were received.

The rest of the beams should be finished up around the middle of next week, hopefully arriving here on 10/30. At which point I will get the rest of the beams shipped out to all of you. You will receive a shipment confirmation with tracking number as soon as your Beam(s) ships. I'll post another update when I have more information.

10/4/2017 - I just talked to the sheet metal shop to get an update on the beams. They are planning to finish them up around the middle of next week so I should have them the next Monday (10/16) or Tuesday (10/17). Once they arrive, I will get them shipped out as quickly as possible. You will receive your tracking number as soon as you're beam(s) ships.

9/8/2017 - I just sent out the invoices for Final Payments. Please check your e-mails and let me know if you didn't get yours or if anything doesn't look right (double check that it's not trying to charge you for shipping).

9/5/2017 - The Group Buy is now closed and I just sent the PO to the Sheet Metal Shop. I will send email invoices within the next week to allow you to pay your remaining balances. The Bumper Beams should arrive here in early October and I will get them shipped out to all of you as quickly as possible.

GROUP BUY EXTENDED TO 9/4/2017 - Hey, we made it to 50+ Orders! Thank you again to everybody! The discount is now 20% + Free Shipping and the prices are updated.

It occurs to me that I won't be able to place the order with the Sheet Metal Shop until Tuesday so I am going to extend the Group Buy until Monday (9/4/17) night. Hopefully that will allow a few more people to get in at these prices. These are the lowest prices possible so if you have been thinking about these Bumper Beams, now would be the time.

We will be accepting deposits until September 1st 4th for the next batch of Lightweight Front and Rear Bumper Beams for the '02 - '14 Impreza (Sedan and Wagon). The more orders we can get, the more money we will be able to take off the price! Since there are six different Bumper Beams and they are all a different price, we are determining the discounts as percentages rather than fixed dollar amounts:


  • 1+ Orders: Free Shipping
  • 10+ Orders: 4% Discount + Free Shipping
  • 20+ Orders: 8% Discount + Free Shipping
  • 30+ Orders: 12% Discount + Free Shipping
  • 40+ Orders: 16% Discount + Free Shipping
  • 50+ Orders: 20% Discount + Free Shipping <<<<CURRENT DISCOUNT
Regular Price: Current Price:
'02-'03 Front Beam $265 (+ Shipping) $212 + FREE Shipping
'04-'05 Front Beam $255 (+ Shipping) $204 + FREE Shipping
'06-'07 Front Beam $245 (+ Shipping) $196 + FREE Shipping
'02-'07 Rear Beam $275 (+ Shipping) $220 + FREE Shipping
'08-'14 Front Beam $215 (+ Shipping) $172 + FREE Shipping
'08-'14 Rear Beam $285 (+ Shipping) $228 + FREE Shipping
  1. Joel in PA ('02-'03 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  2. Andrew in CA ('04-'05 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  3. Kevin in PA ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  4. Mike in MI ('06-'07 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  5. Mike in MI ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  6. Nathanael in MI ('02-'03 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  7. Nathanael in MI ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  8. Chris in CO ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  9. Chris in CO ('02-'03 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  10. Carl in Australia ('04-'05 Front, Black Tow Hook) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  11. Marc in SC ('08-'14 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  12. Craig in SC ('04-'05 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  13. Kurt in HI ('08-'14 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  14. Patrick in CA ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  15. Joshua in NJ ('04-'05 Front, #47) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  16. Adair in TN ('06-'07 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  17. Keith in GU ('06-'07 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  18. Dustan in TN ('04-'05 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  19. Dustan in TN ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  20. Brian in TN ('02-'03 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  21. Matthew in CA ('08-'14 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  22. Matthew in CA ('08-'14 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  23. Grant in FL ('02-'03 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  24. Kyler in ID ('04-'05 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  25. Kyler in ID ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  26. Matt in AZ ('02-'03 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  27. Stephen in CA ('02-'03 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  28. Stephen in CA ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  29. Nicolae in PA ('04-'05 Front, #45) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  30. Philip in CA ('06-'07 Front, #46) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  31. Jonathan in CO ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  32. Michael in NJ ('02-'03 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  33. Michael in NJ ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  34. Peter in MO ('04-'05 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  35. Andrew in VA ('04-'05 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  36. Andrew in VA ('02-'07 Rear, w/ Rear Hook) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  37. Diogo in Brazil ('02-'03 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  38. Diogo in Brazil ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  39. Mark in CT ('06-'07 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  40. Mark in CT ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  41. Andrew in PA ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  42. Eric in GU ('08-'14 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  43. Victor in Canada ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  44. Jonathan in GU ('08-'14 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  45. Nicolae in PA ('02-'07 Rear, #29) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  46. Philip in CA ('02-'07 Rear, #30) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  47. Joshua in NJ ('02-'07 Rear, #15) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  48. Tony in MI ('04-'05 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  49. Tony in MI ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  50. Ezra in Canada ('08-'14 Front)
  51. Emmett in WA ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  52. Adam in TX ('06-'07 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  53. Adam in TX ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  54. Jordan in GA ('08-'14 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  55. JK in CO ('02-'03 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  56. Breck in CA ('02-'07 Rear)
  57. Rich in NY ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  58. Ben in IL ('06-'07 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  59. Deon in AZ ('04-'05 Front) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  60. Carrie in IL ('06-'07 Front) [CANCELED]
  61. Carrie in IL ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**
  62. Darin in Canada ('02-'07 Rear) [PAID] **SHIPPED**

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